Got Tax Debt?

Then you need a customized tax debt resolution road map.

The Tax Solution Process

Resolving tax problems isn’t only about getting your own customized Tax Resolution Roadmap – it’s also about the tax resolution process. Once you have the Roadmap, then you’ll know how to proceed, with the help of your attorney. The process toward tax problem resolution involves committing to carrying out the procedure set out for you. This commitment means:

  • Listening to what your attorney needs from you;
  • Gathering the documentation needed;
  • Providing the documentation in a timely manner; and
  • Getting your new tax returns filed on time

Your attorney is there to support you, to guide you along the way, and to communicate with the IRS on your behalf, but it takes commitment and effort on your part to get your tax problem solved.

But is Bankruptcy the right solution for your tax debt? Maybe – Contrary to popular belief, some IRS tax debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. But deciding whether your tax debt can be discharged in bankruptcy requires navigation of a complex set of rules, so you’ll need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

If you have tax debt and you’re looking for a solution, don’t hesitate – call now for a free telephone consultation, at 201-676-0722.