Got Tax Debt?

Then you need a customized tax debt resolution road map.

About Me

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Jennifer N. Weil, Esq. is an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey who can help develop your customized road map to resolving your tax debt. Her background is in a variety of types of debt resolution, including bankruptcy, litigation, and debt settlement. Jennifer can also evaluate your case to determine whether your tax debt could be discharged in bankruptcy – which is something that the national tax debt settlement corporations can’t do. She can provide personalized representation to you before the IRS in the New York City area and in New Jersey.

The benefits:

  • You don’t have to deal with the IRS yourself – Your attorney talks to them for you
  • Pay what you owe without worrying about the IRS coming after you
  • Get a plan customized to your situation
  • Attorney-client confidentiality – Communications between me and my clients are confidential, because attorneys can’t disclose to others what their clients tell them.
  • Negotiation skills put to work for you
  • Resources to handle unfiled tax returns
  • Access to a bankruptcy attorney who can tell you whether your tax debt could be discharged in bankruptcy